Peeps is a lens. In this information age, media publications communicate news and events at an alarming rate, relying on statistics and speculations to make sense of the complicated realities upon which they are reporting. This narrow lens is incapable of capturing the bigger picture: the contextual and cultural factors that underlie and precede these events. Peeps provides that wider lens. Our live Talks, digital Forum, and print Magazine track cultural shifts happening around the world through the lens of culture and context.

Our stories are written by researchers from disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, human geography and social psychology who have devoted years to studying their subjects. Peeps contributors are part of a global conversation that aims to share perspectives, challenge assumptions and provoke critical thinking about people and culture. They range from academics to professional researchers, to artists, all committed to sharing stories about lived experiences with our readers.

Peeps is created by a small team of talented and passionate individuals. Our partners include business and organizations that support and believe in the importance of viewing the world through the lens of people and culture.


Publisher, Executive Editor
Anya-Milana Sulaver

Cat Ashton
Danny Gorny
Jes Lee