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Issue 02 explores thresholds: how we establish where they begin and end, and the rules of engagement once we cross them. Whether played out in urban or natural landscapes, or in our very homes, this issue brings readers stories of how people around the world are negotiating thresholds between individuals, communities, geographies and cultures; those we know and those we have yet to discover.

Our three feature stories span the globe. The first is set in Paris, and explores the social conflict resulting from the effects of gentrification of a street that has, and continues today, been primarily a site of sex work and prostitution. The second is set in New Zealand, relating an indigenous community’s initiatives to protect natural space and the rights of a river. The final feature looks at how communities are adjusting in post-Apartheid Johannesburg as institutional walls are being brought down, but literal walls are being put up in their place.

In the section we call The Practice we will be interviewing the Director of Experience Research at Airbnb, Judd Antin and following urban anthropologist Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman through her wayfinding work in Brooklyn, New York. These stories will explore how qualitative research can help practitioners to shape spaces, either digital or in the real world, in more effective and rewarding ways for the people who engage with them. Other stories in Issue 02 take us to Morocco, Indonesia, and even outer space!

This issue look closely at the relationship people have with their spaces, their neighbours and their contexts—illustrating how we all struggle to know where our “turf”, and our areas of responsibility in this world, begins and ends.

144 pages, printed on 100% recycled paper.
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Peeps Issue 02
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Since we offered Peeps Magazine for presale, we have been heartened by the support and interest—ten per cent of our inventory was sold even before we went to print.

That said, a number of you expressed surprise that a magazine could be this expensive, and in the spirit of transparency I would like to share our logic about pricing.

Peeps Magazine is an independent magazine. This is a different animal than a mass market magazine. Typically the term independent refers to publications that are self-funded, contrary to mainstream magazines which are subsidized by ad sales. But the term also describes the initial phase in a publication’s life, where it is still building an audience. At this point, the economics that govern Peeps are chiefly about audience size, or to use publishing terminology, circulation.

We have not launched Peeps as a for-profit business. At best, we expect to cover our costs and fund a sustainable operation. The first issue has required considerable help to get off the ground—if not for volunteer contributors, sponsor donations and patronage, the math would never make sense. We are starting with a limited run of 1,500 copies and hard costs (printing, labour, illustration and photography) of about $40K. When you tally up the numbers, we are breaking even at our current cover price.

For a few of our readers, the cost of shipping has been an issue. We share your pain. Peeps is produced on premium recycled paper from Rolland, it is heavier than what you would expect with a mainstream magazine, it has a great feel and reproduces photography beautifully. However, at 144 pages, each issue weighs in at a hefty 336 grams. As far as the post office scale is concerned, Peeps is a book, not a magazine. These are the same economics our peers are facing—quality independent magazines such as The Great Discontent, Four and Sons, and Cereal are priced at over $20 on newsstands and at over $30 online when postage is factored in.

But for the readers of these publications, the value is understood. You are buying more than a simple magazine. You are providing the needed support to get more content about subjects you care about but that mainstream publications don’t cover into a magazine you want to read.

The business of magazines, like everything else, is a numbers game. The future looks better as our readership grows—the more readers, the lower the per-issue cost. Additionally, the more readers, the sooner with which we can include shipping as part of our cover price. We are committed to making these numbers work for our readers: we just need some support as we get started. To help us get there, please share the news about Peeps: we want readers everywhere to gain from the understanding that comes from seeing the world today through anthropology.

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