Peeps Redux

We are hard at work on Issue 03 and we are more excited than ever to get it to our readers.

2016 was a flagship year for Peeps. We have two issues on stands for sale. We developed strong relationships with readers, sponsors and stakeholders. But the real accomplishment is that Peeps proved to have an interesting voice that was invited to a number of tables.

In July of 2016, Culture and Heritage Canada hosted an invitation-only consultation series with magazines across the country, and Peeps was one of five Toronto-based magazines to be invited.

In November, Wenner-Gren hosted a panel discussion on Public Anthropology—where we shared a productive and exciting conversation with the President of the American Anthropology Association, and esteemed colleagues the likes of Sapiens, Anthropology Now and Savage Minds.

Two weeks later our publisher, Greg Salmela, and designer, Sabrina Xiang, attended the Stack Independent Magazine Awards, where Peeps had been shortlisted in two categories: Best Launch and Best Original Non-Fiction. Without any false modesty, being shortlisted made us feel like winners.

Through crowdfunding, pre-selling and gathering sufficient sponsorship, Issue 02 was entirely funded—which felt like a HUGE accomplishment.

Finally, but just as exciting: we’ve attracted sponsors who are active partners with us in getting Peeps stories in front of readers who might otherwise never engage with either anthropological insights or Peeps, the most significant of which is Air Canada. The airline will be placing Peeps in all of their Maple Leaf Lounges, ensuring a global, culturally-engaged, popular readership we could never reach on our own otherwise.

And now…

We have taken a break/breather to take stock and evaluate lessons we’ve learned from our first two issues. The result is that we are hard at work on Issue 03 and we are more excited than ever to get it to our readers.

We will be publishing for a late Summer release. The topic for this issue is beauty—how it is culturally constructed and the ways in which norms and expectations of physical beauty are being challenged and changed even as we start to unpack its relationship to power in more interesting and complicated ways than we have in the past.

We are in the process of sourcing writers and researching topics, and look forward to bringing you the in-depth and engaging contextual analysis you have come to expect from Peeps. Stay tuned for more updates as we fill the roster and let you in on our writers and stories for Peeps 03!

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