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Thursday, June 5th, 2014
Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre

Jon Callegher
Dispelling Myths
Millennials and Social Media

A lot has been said in the media and academia about Millennials’ use of social media, assumptions largely based on polls and surveys. Brands have been making major marketing decisions based on such data, although by drawing on research collected from speaking directly with Millennials about their online behaviour, Jon’s talk will reveal themes that challenge common claims and have important implications for marketers.

About the speaker
Sociologist Dr. Jon Callegher is a full-time professor in the School of Marketing at George Brown College. His current work focuses on attitudes toward personal information disclosure among Millennials, and he is currently completing a book on Millennials and online privacy.

Csilla Kalocsai
Affecting Change
Exploring the Complexity of Behaviour Change

Over the past two decades, conventional market research has produced survey after survey asking consumers about their intentions. It was believed that intentions would directly translate into action; however this was not the case. Market experts stand puzzled about the intention-action gap. Csilla’s talk will explore this gap, taking the audience through ethnographic case studies of change and the ways in which marketers can affect further change through communications.

About the speaker
Csilla Kalocsai is an applied cultural anthropologist and research consultant. She has led multiple research projects and collaborated with designers and strategists in the develop-ment of new communications, strategies and product design. She holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from Yale University.

Graham Candy
From Insight to Action
How Research Projects become Marketing Strategy

A significant amount of time and energy goes into the design of a research project. For researchers, this often results in meaningful findings and deep cultural insight, which must then be reduced to an actionable strategy for clients. Using an ethnographic study of the shopping behaviours of different ethnic groups, Graham’s talk will break down this process, outlining the challenges and tensions overcome along the way.

About the speaker
Graham Candy is a Cultural Strategist at Fresh Squeezed Ideas, an insight firm located in Toronto, as well as a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of Toronto. He specializes in uncovering culturally based findings that companies can concretely leverage to impact consumer purchase decisions.

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